American Journalist Murdered By Western Ally For Exposing ISIS Ties

In this video Luke Rudkowski brings up a very important underreported story of an American Journalist that was murdered for exposing the Turkish government assisting ISIS. This story is a year old and we are making sure no one forgets the name Serena Shim. Obviously this story hits home since Serna was Luke Rudkowski's age and reported on the same topic of western state's supporting ISIS.
Fatemeh Shim, sister of Serena Shim, the Press TV reporter who died in suspicious circumstances, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about her sister’s death. She believes Turkish intelligence was involved in the death of her sister, whilst they blame her cousin, who was driving the car. She says her sister, reporting on collusion between Turkey and ISIS, was afraid of what might happen, and even went on air saying Turkish intelligence was looking for her and she was scared of what they might do.
She is shocked that Western media have not just failed to cover the story, but didn’t express their condolences either, and received no response from the American government. She thinks vice president Joe Biden retracted his comments about the problem of Turkey in the war against ISIS because there was a reaction from Turkey, in much the same way as their reaction to her sister was to murder her. She says she received no help from her government, no messages of support from them, when other countries have issues condolences and invitations. She says other journalists should know it will be hard to get truth out when Western mass media is ‘spoon-feeding people what they want them to believe.’ She is relying on social media to get the word out about what happened, and hopes that will find justice for Serena. And she says that the American government response that they do not investigate deaths on foreign soil is false; the only death she sees them not investigating is her sisters.
Serena was killed in a reported car accident when she was returning from a report scene in the city of Suruch in Turkey's Urfa province. She was going back to her hotel in Urfa when their car collided with a heavy vehicle. Urfa province is near the Syrian border. Serena Shim covered reports for Press TV in Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine. On Friday, she told Press TV that the Turkish intelligence agency has threatened and accused her of spying and she fears to be arrested.
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