Brazillian Corporate Coup

In a significant blow to democracy, the leader of Brazil has been impeached. There was an intense corporate media propaganda campaign against her, and now she’s being replaced by neoliberals brought in to impose austerity.

Yes, this may be a coup against democracy
When Brazil’s congress voted yesterday to launch impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff, democracy took the form of a farce. The attempt to remove the democratically elected president – who won 54 million votes and is not charged with any crimes – was led by a man accused of corruption and money laundering: Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of the lower house.

If the senate – the upper house – now decides to carry out an impeachment trial, Rousseff will be suspended for a maximum of 180 days and the vice-president – Michel Temer, known in Brazil as the “vice conspirator” – will take over. If elections were held today, according to the latest survey by DataFolha,  Temer would garner 1% to 2% of the votes.

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